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Most Important frequently asked questions form students.






Hello Sir, kicking off the conversation, of could you enlighten us by sharing who you are as a person.

I’m just a happy going kind of a guy who goes with the flow & an atheist who only believes in facts.

How do you feel clearing the GATE examination

There is a sensation of attainment , fulfillment & satisfaction . Cracking GATE definitely makes one feel gleeful & it doubles the joy when it’s in first attempt.

. The most important question, why did you choose engineering?

To be really honest I was one of those kids who wasn’t forced to choose Engineering. I chose Engineering because of the vast knowledge prospects and I made the decision of choosing Computer Science as my major about 6 years ago. Honestly, I wasn’t having much idea about it back then. I only knew I love to code and that's my area.

What was your aim at that instance when you started engineering and has it changed now?

The aim behind choosing Computer science in Engineering was to transform my passion into remuneration . One couldn’t survive with just having passion. he has to gain his livelihood atleast. Change of mindset according to time is necessary because , “Old ways won’t open new doors” .

What struck you that you wanted to compete in GATE examination and how did you initially start preparing for it.

One thing I want to make crystal clear I haven’t done any special preparation regarding GATE. I was just doing my regular studies , enjoying last days of college. I was really serious for the GATE just 10 days before when I started my preparation it wasn’t too tough to solve the guides due to my regular studies which I have done before but at the same time I was not expecting to crack GATE .

What mode of study diid u prefer self study, joining some classes aur tutorial s?

If I have to recommend self studies are the best & YouTube, Tutorials sites are major helpers. No need to pay a huge amount to the coaching classes. One can learn one topic from various tutors over internet & enlarge his knowledge boundaries.

What was going through your mind while you were giving the examination, did you even think that you could score such an amazing catch?

Only calculations dude ... What else should I think in the mid of 7?? It’s not a big score to catch anyone can get it if he has done his studies by heart throughout the 4 years .

What were the difficulties that you faced while preparing and how did you overcome them to achieve what you have achieved.


So what are you planning ahead, studying or job?


Finally, what suggestions would you like to give to your juniors for the preparation of GATE examination and in general?


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