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Most Important frequently asked questions form students.






Hello Sir, kicking off the conversation, could you enlighten us by sharing who you are as a person

I'm simply a student having dreams, desire and passion towards my future, just like other stu dents.

How do you feel clearing the GATE examination?

Literally speaking, I am absolutely speechless about clearing GATE. But the one feeling that I would like to share with you all is that after i saw my result, I was awestruck, my body tem perature had risen giving me goose-bumps and lately I did vomit 2-3 times.

The most important question, why did you choose engineering?

I choose civil simply because I want to build a sweet home and gift it to my mother.

What was your aim at that instance when you started engineering and has it changed now?

My only aim was to enjoy the field of civil, learn everything which is related it and things that changed is I cleared GATE. So just be you always, things will be in control automatically.

What struck you that you wanted to compete in GATE examination and how did you initially start prep aring for it and what mode of study did u prefer self-study, joining a coaching institute or tutorials?

I have started my preparation in Ranchi, as I entered into my 4th year with two of my friends. I did prefer self-study but also got help from online lectures, college faculty and some of my close friends.

What was going through your mind while you were giving the examination, did you even think that yo u could score such an amazing catch?

I really didn't have an idea that I would be getting such an amazing score. My preparation was good and I had confidence in myself that I would clear the cutoff but after looking at questions I found that I could answer most of them, so I did to score this rank.

What were the difficulties that you faced while preparing and how did you overcome them to achieve what you have achieved

The only difficulty that I experienced was the bad environment inside the college campus which I had quite easily overcome by shifting to Ranchi and started preparing with a small group of good friends.

So what are you planning ahead, studying or job?

Its job time for me but if my job profile doesn’t satisfy me I will surely prefer to go for higher studies.

Now do you see yourself as a role model for the rest of your juniors?

It's not necessary to have one role model. I make my role model to every single person who guided me, taught me and supported me unconditionally. This is totally upon oneself as to whom does one consider as role model and follow his/her path.

Finally, what suggestions would you like to give to your juniors for the preparation of GATE examination and in general?

The only thing I would like to suggest to my juniors is that make a group of knowledgeable friends and have a sharp focus on your goal. Lastly, just be yourself and don't get dependent on others or start following others advices. Make your own way through everything. What you do in future can suggest a new way of learning for others.

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